A relaxing nutritional spray when you need peaceful rest.

SLEEP Daily Spray may help to:

  • - Support a restful, well-rounded sleep
  • - Promotes a harmonious sleep-wake cycle
  • - Support the immune system

One serving of SLEEP equals 8 sprays. Use 2 to 8 sprays, depending on your needs, before bedtime.

Key Ingredients

  • Valerian Root Extract
  • Melatonin
  • GABA

SLEEP Daily Spray


    There’s nothing more essential to a healthy productive day than a restful night’s sleep. That’s why you have the newly perfected SLEEP Daily Spray, a formula designed to support a healthy night of rest. With its simple micronized delivery system and compact profile, SLEEP fits easily into your nightstand or overnight bag, and seamlessly into your nighttime self-care routine.

    With targeted ingredients that work to support a harmonious sleep-wake cycle, SLEEP is a special blend of valerian root extract, melatonin, and amino acids. Try SLEEP Daily Spray today, and experience a spritz of peace and tranquility in a go anywhere spray.